Telco's latest programming news for fall 2019!

Alex Paen, Telco Productions President,
Subject of NFL Docu-Movie
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The Dr. Nandi Show Mantracker
Military Makeover with Montel Balancing Act
Designing Spaces
Coffee With America Hiring America
An American Christmas Best Movies of 2019
Dr. Nandi Healthy Holidays Holiday Scams
Unsung Heroes

FCC Closed Captioning Certification

CALM Act Certification

FCC Children's (E/I) Programming

Wild America
Think Big
America's Heartland
Better Planet TV
Sports Lab
Word Travels
"Travel Thru History"
Word Travels
Kids Cooking for Kids
Aqua Kids
The Reinventors
Living Greener
Animal Outtakes
Eco Company Get Wild Walking Wild
Wild World Wild Wonders

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